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Branding, webdesign


Ambitious, open-minded and committed. Rishi, the founder of SODAMNTUFF Record Studio, wants to take their music studio to the next level. He believes everyone must be introduced with their talented artists, good vibes and great music.

Their studio, located at Plan-B, is a carefully-crafted cocktail of close friends, great thinkers and talented creatives.


So, what did I do for them so far? Before I started with the webdesign, I created the brand identity for the studio. Additionally, we collaborated with photographer Cas van Laar, who knows exactly how to capture their bright souls.


The music studio needs a solid foundation, from where they can grow their brand. The new webdesign represents all individual artists and their work, the latest hits and the muse of the SODAMNTUFF community.  

Besides being the go-to studio for artists, the studio is also a true man cave. It's the second home for a team of talented and hard-working guys. The simplistic, edgy and modern style of the website fits in perfectly with this.

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