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Grand Opening


New York Pizza


Fast Food


Graphic Design, posters


Whoever had the pleasure to grab a hot slice at New York Pizza, instantly experienced the rollercoaster of delicious flavours. Their pizzas are freakin' fresh! They are known for being the true tastemakers of the Dutch food industry.

nyp mock up 05.jpg


In honor of their grand opening in Tilburg, they've asked me to create two posters - the first one to recruit their new pizza staff and the second one to let the locals know about the new place to be.


The HQ of New York Pizza has an excellent marketing team, who are doing a great job increasing their brand awareness. Therefore, it is very important to maintain their brand elements and implement those in the designs. 

The famous 'Ice' is at heart of the first design. He represents the fun and down to earth work environment. And not to be missed - the second design displays a big Pizza Party to inspire enthusiasm among potential customers.



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